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Casting at Dorchester sun 11th October

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Casting at Dorchester sun 11th October Empty Casting at Dorchester sun 11th October

Post by Guest Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:11 pm

Got to the field about 10ish not to many casting about a doz which means more rounds during the day. Kep was already there and so was a couple of casting mates, we tend to have our own little private battle (who can beat who). Wind was less than expected and shifting across court for most of the day.

First cast crack off "oops" but that was the only one of the day. Distances were consistantly over 200m (218yds) all day until the afternoon when we decided to have ago with each others rods one of the guys had a new pair of Zzipy HST's first cast with the HST 208m (227yds) 2nd cast with this rod 220m (240yds) not bad at all victory was mine as his max was 207m(226yds) all good friendly banter helping each other out all the time and very addictive. But it was taking the p**s a little beating him with his own rod. Can't wait for next month Bodmin on the 8th and Dorchester on the 15th.

Back to Bexi now to get ready for Abbotsbury on Monday with Colin and Sally. cheers cheers cheers


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