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Adding interest to whiting.

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Adding interest to whiting. Empty Adding interest to whiting.

Post by Weaver Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:36 pm

Here's a recipe I made up last year when I was starting to get bored of whiting. I'd been out on weymouth pier and caught a nice little edible crab. A few days later I caught some whiting, so the idea came to mind.

Cook your crab and remove all the white and brown meat. Mash it up with a fork and add some salt, pepper, paprika and a little cayenne or chille flakes.

Fillet your whiting and remove the pin bones with tweezers. Remember to remove the grey lining from the belly area.

Season the fillets and put a layer of your crab mix over the flesh side of one fillet, then cover with the other fillet side of the fish. Make up around four or five of these with an average crab.

Oil a grill tray and place the whiting on the tray. Season and oil the top side of the whiting with olive oil and some crunchy sea salt.

Place under a hot grill for five minutes. Turn the grill off, but leave the fish in the grill with the door closed. This will finish the cooking off.

Serve with mixed salad and bolied spuds.

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Adding interest to whiting. Weblogo

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