Casting Coach Session/Fish on Saturday-BAIT

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Casting Coach Session/Fish on Saturday-BAIT

Post by Kep on Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:46 pm


does anyone need bait (common lug/Rag/frozen Devon Peelers) for Saturday after the coaching session? I work in Plymouth and usually bring mine up on a Fri afternoon and am willing to take orders if there is any requirement. The Live bait is sold by money and not weight eg £5.00 of rag. and is good quality and is not the tiddlers you usually get. One lug could cost 46p. The peelers come in packs of four and costs 75p per peeler.

The lug is dug and the rag is either locally dug or farmed, whichever they have at the time.

Any takers let me know soonest as I need to make sure they will have some and order. If I don't hear by COP Wed I won't order.



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Re: Casting Coach Session/Fish on Saturday-BAIT

Post by Weaver on Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:33 pm

Thanks for the offer kep. Interesting way of seling bait! I'll take a punt. If you can get me £10 of worm that would be great. If the lug look good half lug and half rag, otherwise all rag. I'll leave it to you to decide when you get it.

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